Startup Ambassador

Cyberin is a Startup Ambassador that operates from The Hague Tech Hub in The Hague and is one of the fastest growing Tech Hubs in Europe.

We want to promote innovative Tech companies and bring them into contact with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

We provide innovative companies with a platform through networking and (direct) marketing.

Cyberin investigates which innovations can be added to an SME. We network! We generate the leads and do the sales for the most innovative companies!

Cyberin believes that the new technologies will increasingly contain data and will very strongly intervene in the "core business" of the future entrepreneur. Only through the right applications and innovations will the Dutch entrepreneur be able to continue to sharpen his own performance and that of his company and thus continue to meet the high expectations of his customers.

By bringing these innovative companies in our network closer to SMEs, entrepreneurs will stay informed of the latest developments.

We therefore want to call on as many entrepreneurs as possible to contact us. We bring you into contact with the best companies in the field of innovation, but also with companies who understand how these innovations can best be used strategically to remain competitive in 2021.

Contact us for more info on telephone number: 06-16847970



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